Bursary Scheme

Medicine is a heavily over-subscribed and competitive course. At present,  3% of top independent schools make up 30% of Oxford and Cambridge University places and this is reflected with medical admissions. Students from many comprehensive schools often don’t even consider applying because they are not necessarily appropriately informed of the opportunities available to them, or because they may not know someone who has been to Oxford or Cambridge before to offer guidance.  Others feel that they will simply not fit in.

We believe this is a real shame as many of these preconceptions of Oxford and Cambridge are misguided; this means that there are huge numbers of students who excel in their science A-level subjects and have a passion for Medicine but do not even consider attempting to apply for this fantastic degree at two of the best universities in the world. Medical tutors look for bright, talented students with academic potential and enthusiasm, and the admissions procedure is by-and-large extremely efficient and meritocratic.

Other students struggle financially to access some of the resources that students from bigger and wealthier schools have to offer in terms of support for their applications to university.

Oxbridge Medicine works closely with students, councils and schools to ensure that no student is disadvantaged in their application by their financial situation or by attending a school which is not as familiar with the requirements for an Oxbridge application.

We organise joint training days for students in schools in the same area which can be funded, at least partly, by the Local Education Authority. If you or your school is interested in our bursary scheme please email or call us and we will be able to contact your LEA to organise a training day near you.