What we offer

At Oxbridge Medicine we offer a range of solutions tailored to the individual.


College Choice- Choosing a college can be difficult with no inside knowledge of the colleges themselves. Our tutors know the personality and character of each college with the pro’s and con’s which applicants might like to consider when making their choice.

Personal statement- Although many students receive help in this area from schools, friends and relatives there are certain basic points which must be included in the personal statement to attract Oxford and Cambridge admissions tutors. Our tutors will ensure that personal statements are Oxbridge-focussed whilst still being original and true to the student.

BMAT- The BMAT is perhaps the most important part of the application. Tutors will spend as much time as required ensuring that the BMAT preparation is optimal to ensure each candidate scores highly.

A level knowledge – A strong academic foundation is a pre-requisite for any applicant and tutors will expect students to be up to date on their current A-level knowledge. However, our tutors know that certain areas are targeted more often than others in interview and they will ensure that students are fully prepared in these areas.

Further reading- Tutors will create a reading programme with books, journals, articles and online talks which will take them through to interview. Our aim is to develop a strong academic CV and a candidate who is able to discuss any topic at length. Discussion will be based around this further reading and all material will be pitched above A-level requirements.

Interview technique- Interview technique is one of the most important parts of our training. Even the brightest students can fall down at interview by failing to show their abilities during the short Oxbridge interviews. Students will learn how to approach difficult questions in the way that interviewers will expect, and turn the interview to a topic of their choice. This requires time and practice but our experience shown that students can be taught how to be a model interviewee.

24/7 support- Support is not limited to the time spent together in personal tutorial sessions. Our tutors are on hand to speak to students by phone or email should they encounter problems on the way.

Contact with current students – A unique part of our service is the contact with current students at the college of choice to answer any questions about college life, the interview and interviewers.