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”  The idea of applying was petrifying at first but Oxbridge Medicine helped me to prepare for interview in a way I would never have thought of myself. Having done so much specific preparation for the interview I felt at ease on the day and was awarded a place at Oxford!”

– Sarah Dobson, Richmond-Upon-Thames

medical student experience

” Oxbridge Medicine was completely different from any other preparation course I looked at. The mentors were enthusiastic and really clued up on the Oxbridge Medical interview process. Thanks! ”

– Mark, Harrow-on-the-Hill

“I didn’t have any clue about the interview process before I worked with the Oxbridgemedicine  team, but by the end I felt really prepared. Thanks”

– Holly Beddoes, Wood Green

“OxbridgeMedicine were extremely professional, well-informed and attentive to my needs. They made a huge difference to my application, and I would recommend the premium programme or at the very least, a mock interview session to show you where you stand.”

– Giles, Reading

Oxbridge medicine students