Who are our Candidates

Who are our candidates?

At Oxbridge Medicine we believe that not everyone is cut out for medicine at Oxbridge. The course is highly academic with little patient contact in the first three years. The workload is high and a great deal of time is spent in small groups with tutors discussing medical science. However, for those students who enjoy challenging and cutting-edge academia this course is almost always extremely rewarding and enjoyable.

Oxford and Cambridge both stipulate that at least 3 A’s are required at A-level, with one of those being Chemistry. With the introduction of the A* grade candidates may also given offers based on attaining an A* in one of their subjects.

As  Oxbridge rarely admits students with A-levels below this standard we strongly advise anyone thinking of applying for medicine at Oxbridge to do so only if they believe they are capable of attaining these grades. Before taking students on for our mentoring scheme we advise an informal meeting where we can discuss grades, academic potential and motivation for applying to Oxbridge. This is to ensure that both the student and the mentor feel that the candidate will enjoy the medical course and have a good chance of success in their application.

Our candidates are generally bright, talented students with a passion for Science and Medicine. They will generally enjoy reading around their subject and will not be afraid to engage in scientific discussions, even with people more senior than themselves. They can think logically and solve problems from first principles as well as being hard and efficient workers. These are the kind of students who will excel in an environment like Oxford or Cambridge and we wholeheartedly invite students who think they fit this description to join out mentoring scheme to improve their chances of succeeding at interview.