Collegiate System

Having decided that medicine at Oxbridge is for you the next step is to decide which college to apply to. For many this can be a difficult choice; faced with so many possibilities and no real way of knowing which college will suit you.

Oxford has 28 colleges providing places for the Pre-Clinical course (A100). Cambridge has 27 colleges for the Pre-Clinical course (A100). Each college has its own medical tutors with different areas of interest and each college will admit varying numbers of students each year. Some of the larger colleges in Cambridge will admit around 28 students per year, while some smaller colleges in Oxford have been known to award as few as 3 or 4 places. These numbers vary year on year and the ratio of applicants to places awarded tends to fluctuate.

College profiles on the university website will go some way to explaining the individual character of a college, but most graduates will tell you that the best way to find out which college will suit you is to speak to someone who has been to either Oxford or Cambridge. The important thing is that almost everyone loves the college they end up in, and apart from size and location, most colleges are more similar than they are different.

Our graduate mentors have all been members of one of these colleges but will also have come across most of the others in their time at Oxbridge and will therefore be able to advise you which would suit you best if you have particular concerns or needs. We also provide testimonials and alternative prospectuses written by current members of each college; these describe the college from a student’s perspective including all the important information on food, accommodation, sports and social activies.

Please check out our blog to see what some of our tutors have to say: http://oxbridgemedicine.com/blogmed/