Tutorial Simulation Weekend

This event is designed to give applicants a taste of what Oxbridge tutorials are really like. Interviewers will be looking for candidates who will excel at Oxbridge and who can interact with their peers and tutors alike in a tutorial setting. We will be replicating this in a day of debating, discussion, presentations, interview practise and essay writing.

Students will be divided into small groups and discuss and debate sample interview questions, beyond the realms of A-level knowledge, in much the same way as a real Oxford or Cambridge medical tutorial.

Each group will be led by one of our Oxbridge tutors who will present problems and guide discussion. Not only does this give candidates a flavour of what they will experience studying at Oxbridge but it also improves candidates’ ability to reason and argue logically and maturely in a field they may not be comfortable with in a way that others can understand, a skill which is highly prized at Oxbridge.

Candidates rarely get the opportunity to meet other bright and like-minded medical applicants, which often adds to the panic they feel when attend interview. Discussing current scientific issues, or working through a problem as a group gives students a chance to see different perspectives and approaches to answering questions. This quickly allows all candidates to see from an interviewer’s point of view what makes a candidate or an answer stand out from the crowd.

At OxbridgeMedicine we feel that teamwork is vital in preparing students and our past experience has shown us that those candidates who are excel in these tutorial simulations attend interview with a whole new perspective and a great deal more confidence than those candidates who have prepared in isolation, no matter how hard they have worked. Ultimately these candidates are also the ones who are successful, as they are clearly able to show interviewers that they are sociable, intelligent students who are comfortable in a tutorial situation.

This year’s remaining dates are October 27th, based in London.

Please note, places are limited and events do fill up quickly.These are held at the end of October in central London. To book please email info@oxbridgemedicine.com .