About Us

OxbridgeMedicine was set up by a group of 4 Cambridge and Oxford graduate Doctors who feel strongly about the medical admissions process and undergraduate education. Each member of the team has completed formal teaching qualifications in medical education and chooses to take an active role in teaching tomorrow’s Doctors. Originally set up to help state school students apply to medical school, OxbridgeMedicine now offers GCSE & A-Level tutoring, international student tuition and tailored mentoring.

We believe that you can only know about the Oxbridge applications process if you have been there. We also believe that you cannot possibly comment on the unique applications process in medicine unless you have been there. On top of rigorous academic demands, each medical applicant must meet strict professional requirements and standards which only current Doctors and medical students can fully appreciate. Every member of our team has a medical background from Oxbridge.

Our People

Our tutors are all graduates from either Oxford or Cambridge in Medicine. It is our belief that only those who have undergone the unique Oxbridge interview experience and the subsequent medical degree will be able to provide the focused guidance for other students with the same aspiration. We do not believe there is a substitute for a genuine Oxbridge graduate.

Our tutors all have a thorough understanding of the defining features of a successful candidate and unparalleled medical knowledge geared specifically towards the Oxbridge course. Several of our tutors have backgrounds in medical education and have had roles as subject tutors at Oxbridge Colleges.

They have been selected through interview and our team will endeavour to pair tutors with students according to their special interests within medicine.

Sarah Steele

Sarah is a recent graduate, with a first class degree from Keble College, Oxford with a special interest in Neuroscience. She has 7 years experience tutoring over 30 children from the ages of 11  to 19, including 7 students last year for their A-level Biology exams, and has coached a number of students for their applications at Oxbridge with 3 out of 3 successful applications last year  alone. She is currently continuing her studies in Medicine at Imperial College, London, where she sits on the interview panel interviewing prospective medical students.

“In my experience students are very daunted by the whole process and although they are extremely enthusiastic they find it hard to know where to start with their preparations. Having been  through the process myself and knowing the tutors and syllabus intimately I am able to guide each student through the required material and help them to develop a personal bank of extra-  curricular knowledge based on their medical interests which gives them the confidence to stand out at interview.”

tutors oxford cambridge medicine

John Coates

John is a medical graduate with a first class degree from New College, Oxford, who has been involved with mock interviewing and coaching for over 2 years. He was awarded a place at  every medical school he applied to and is currently continuing his medical course at University College, London, where he also sits on the interview panels for undergraduate interviews. He  has a special interest in research in cancer and calcium signalling, having collaborated on a paper soon to be published in Nature.

“My own experiences at medical interviews and at Oxford have taught me the importance of focussed preparation specifically for each interview. Many students feel they need to be experts in  everything  to gain a place but I can help my tutees understand which parts of the interview and application are important and how to impress the tutors regardless of which college they decide  to apply to.”

Julia Med Ox2

Julia is in her final year of study at Oxford and has tutored for us for 4 years. She tutors our medical applicants and has previously held the role of subject head and tutor representative. She has an exceptional academic record and a true passion for teaching alongside her clinical studies.




Ferdi Caius Med2

Alex is  a Doctor and graduate from Cambridge. He has an active role in the scope and methodology behind our teaching for medical applicants and holds several teaching certificates.




Ziggy Med2

Dr. Siegfried studied and practices medicine in Oxford. He has held a role as a clinical tutor of undergraduate medical students and is an exceptionally talented teacher. He also has an active pastoral role with our medical programme and his input has been unique in the conception of our tutoring techniques.