Our Mission

Our Mission

Why is Oxbridge Medicine Different?

Our Mission :

The number of medical applicants is increasing year on year and nowhere more so than in Oxford and Cambridge. Studying Medicine at Oxbridge is hugely stimulating experience resulting in one of the most highly regarded degrees in the world. Competition for places is fierce and applying can be daunting task for A-level students.

  • We are committed to helping students prepare themselves in every way, guiding them through the application and training them to think and communicate in the way that Oxbridge tutors are looking for.
  • Oxbridge Medicine is run by medical graduates from Oxford and Cambridge who have been successful in the interview process, have been through the course and who have both come to understand the system intimately, and devised a framework to maximize the rates for successful application in candidates who already show a level of promise.
  • Structured preparation and focused study is essential for all applicants and it is something OxbridgeMedicine is committed to providing all of its students. OxbridgeMedicine was founded specifically for medical applicants to Oxford and Cambridge. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in coaching students to give them the best possible chance of success at interview.

Why is Oxbridge Medicine different?

Our company is not a large, impersonal tutoring service; we believe in spending time and effort on enthusiastic and academically able individuals to give them the best possible chance of success.

We understand that even the most able students are sometimes left without a place not because they were not good enough, but simply because they did not know how to prepare.

It is our aim to take these students and tailor a preparation programme based on their strengths and weaknesses so that, on the day of the interview, our students are confident, well-prepared and slick.

Interviews are short- students have little time to impress their interviewers so preparation is key.

Studying Medicine at Oxbridge not only results in one of the most highly-regarded degrees in the world but is also extremely fulfilling and enjoyable for the academically gifted.

OxbridgeMedicine will do everything it can to ensure that these students are not forced to accept their second choice of medical school.